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Whilst we cannot list every Installation Worldwide we will endeavour to add the majority of Rig's submitted for review to our database. This will allow others to review the same facility and to reference an installation through specific filters and criteria. We welcome you to submit this form and will try to review and verify the information provided within 24 to 48hrs.

In addition whilst we ensure the information publised on RIGSAY is as acurate as possible we can and do make mistakes. If there is already an entry in our database for the Installation you wish to review and you have noticed inaccuracies or descrepancies in the data please do not resubmit it using this form. Instead, contact us using the button on the entry itself.

Due to the number of submissions we cannot promise to inform you about a successful Installation submission. Please check our database in a few days to see your addition and add your review. Thank you for taking the time to make RIGSAY better. We value your involvement and hope that you find the site useful.